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Winter Solstice & New Moon Women's Circle

An Invitation to Stillness

Let’s honor the convergence of two important earth-based seasonal transitions: the last New Moon of the year, and the Winter Solstice. Join Enicia Fisher and Heidi Borsch in an evening of slowing down and self-nurturing as we all take a moment to cultivate connection to our inner world and inner light.


Enicia and Heidi will be gathering online and in person at OmSide Yoga (Oceanside, CA) for an evening of quiet contemplation and connection with other women, creating space for us all to settle in to the heart space, connect to soul and spirit, through an evening of restorative yoga, breathwork, guided meditation, journaling and heart-felt sharing, and simple and meaningful ritual. 


Bring a journal and pen, a new white candle and matches, and gather some blankets and pillows (yoga bolster and/or meditation cushion if you have them), and set aside 90 minutes for yourself in a place where you can enjoy a restorative sanctuary of peace and stillness.


If you’re in the San Diego area, join Heidi at OmSide Yoga in Oceanside for an in-person gathering that includes the video broadcast.


Cost: $27

RSVP:  OmSide Yoga


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