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Writing is one thing that has stayed consistent throughout Enicia's life of constant change. Enicia kept a diary as a youth and continues to journal every morning as a way to process the vicissitudes of inner and outer life. She taught college writing and then wrote professional book reviews for a number of years. She is currently preparing her first novel-length work for publication and has at least three more books in creative gestation.

Enicia grew up mostly in California, the oldest daughter in a close-knit family of seven kids and two young parents who were busy figuring out adult life while raising three sons, four daughters, and caring for one with severe disabilities. Enicia moved more than 25 times before she got married at the age of 20, and has moved perhaps as many times in the thirty years since. She lived in Mexico with her family for brief stints as a kid (the topic of a future book!) and now divides her time between her family roots in Southern California and Central Mexico.

Enicia added teaching yoga to her career as an educator in 2012, after experiencing first-hand yoga's transformative effects. She is Founder and Lead Teacher Trainer of Sanadora Yoga International Yoga School. She also leads healing retreats integrating yoga with wisdom teachings and nature connection in the Mayan Riviera and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. While leading her first yoga retreat in Tulum in 2015, Enicia experienced life-changing healings and self-discovery that have inspired her first book, Sea of Bliss, A Woman's Journey of Spiritual and Sensual Awakening.

Enicia raised and educated two fine young people who are now contributing cultural creatives. Her son is a professional photographer and filmmaker in Los Angeles and her daughter is a singer-songwriter attending University.

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March 21, 2023

Sea of Bliss: A Woman's Journey of Spiritual and Sensual Awakening.

A story of falling in love: with a magical place, a soulmate, and with life itself.

Enicia Fisher's debut book chronicles a mystical, life-changing experience in the sensual setting of Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico, with its famed white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and emerald green tropical jungle.

Immerse yourself in a sensual and spiritual journey that defies expectations and leads to such profound healing and self-discovery that transforms life from inside out. 

Sea of Bliss shares one woman's journey of courageously following her heart, overcoming trauma and religious conditioning with the experience of sensual delights, romance, and new-found spirituality that encompasses the heart, body, and soul.


Writing is prayer.


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